101 Things

101 (or more) Things About Me:


1. I like to read (less since Second Life came along).

2. I was born in Utah.

3. I wish I could make a relational database.

4. I’m an atheist (that means not a Mormon).

5. I still think spirituality is important to humans.

6. I think the mind is a manifestation of the brain.

7. And the spirit is a manifestation of the mind.

8. Hummus is one of my favorite foods.

9. I have two dogs. I don’t own them; they own me.

10. I was born on the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is a cusp between Gemini and Cancer. I prefer to think of myself as a Cancer.

11. I think the Zodiac is a bunch of hogwash.

12. I’m a materialist (see 4-7).

13. Evolution fascinates me.

14. I once went on a backpacking trip in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming with a bunch of boyscouts and one blind man.

15. I’m a librarian.

16. I’ve worked in libraries since 1983.

17. I got my Master of Library Science degree at the University of Arizona.

18. I used to be quite active in the Social Responsibility Round Table (SRRT) of the American Library Association. Now I’m not.

19. I met Jessamyn West while working on the SRRT Action Council.

20. Rory Litwin is one of my Facebook friends. I know him from SRRT.

21. David Foster Wallace is, in my opinion, one of the greatest living writers in the world: Infinite Jest is a masterpiece.

22. I believe I invented the term “webliography.” Kill me later.

23. I once rode in an elevator with George Brett, former third baseman for the Kansas City Royals.

24. Beer is one of my favorite beverages.

25. I’d kill for a really good latte too.

26. It is my deepest conviction that, outside of Germany, the people in Oregon make the best beer.

27. The unlibrarian gave me the idea for this list. She got it from Jessamyn.

28. I know the unlibrarian in Second Life, but not in real life.

29. My greatest aspiration is to one day write a huge postmodern novel that at least one person (besides me and my wife) thinks is beautiful.

30. I think dumb asses like Joseph Epstein who whine about postmodern literature being valueless are wrong and a bunch of wusses.

31. I’ve traveled to the United Kingdom three times.

32. Edinburgh, Scotland is one of my favorite cities in the world.

33. London, England is another.

34. Portland, Oregon is a third.

35. I think my neck looks funny, like a turtle or something.

36. I’m a gadget geek.

37. I love web 2.0 stuff.

38. I have a Facebook profile…and MySpace…and LibraryThing…and Library 2.0.

39. As of October 21, 2007, I have 428 photos on Flickr.

40. I have a del.icio.us account but I prefer using Google Bookmarks. It’s not social, but it works better.

41. I hate tagging sites (like del.icio.us) that won’t let you use phrases. It’s the Great Salt Lake, afterall, not thegreatsaltlake or the_great_salt_lake.

42. I use to speak German fairly well, but not fluently.

43. I spent 5 weeks on a college trip living in Augsburg, Germany. Augsburg is cool. It’s the birthplace of Bertholt Brecht.

44. You might describe Bertholt Brecht as a commie. You might describe me that way too.

45. I like all the library-ish stuff in The Name of the Rose.

46. I like foreign films, although I think saying “foreign films” is pretty stupid.

47. Pedro Almodovar is one of my favorite directors. I think he looks a little like Elton John.

48. Matador is the kind of funny and disturbing movie I really love.

49. Magnolia is another movie whose title begins with the letter M and that I happen to love.

50. Tom Cruise was never in a better role than in Magnolia, in my not so humble opinion.

51. I wish I had a better digital camera, something more than my point-and-shoot little Nikon Coolpix L3. A Nikon D40, 50, or 70 digital SLR would work nicely.

52. I have never knowingly voted for a republican.

53. I don’t plan on ever knowingly voting for a republican.

54. I used to be quite active in the Literatures in English Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries (a division of the American Library Association). I’m not now.

55. D. H. Lawrence’s works are, to me, stylistically brilliant and annoyingly creepy at the same time.

56. One of my dogs is curled next to me right now, whimpering in his sleep: bad dream or good?

57. I am married. We honeymooned in Edinburgh.

58. We have no children.

59. I love my dogs like children.

60. Sometimes, when I talk to my dogs, I use a high-pitched, baby voice.

61. I anthropomorphize my dogs a lot, but think it’s stupid when cat owners do the same thing.

62. I’ve lived in Utah, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

63. Arizona was my favorite place but not my favorite time.

64. I never thought I would ever live in the South, much less enjoy living there.

65. I’m glad I don’t live in the South anymore: I’m a westerner.

66. Louisiana has the best food in the world, it says here in my brain.

67. I used to hang out in a bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, called “Library Joe’s.”

68. On Second Life my name is Stolvano. Stolvano owns 3 kilts.

69. I’ve worked in 8 different academic libraries at 6 different universities.

70. I have no interest in working at a public, school, or corporate library.

71. Pragmatism is the philosophy that best describes what I believe, but you wouldn’t call me a pragmatist. Some folks would call me a relativist. I think meaning, value, and morality are all culturally based and determined. Doesn’t mean they aren’t valid for that particular culture.

72. I’m a fair hand at HTML and CSS, but I wish I had more web development skills.

73. You can call me on Skype if you want, or IM me on Meebo, Google, or Yahoo.

74. I’ve started a number of personal and organizational blogs, but I don’t blog regularly.

75. I’ve tried but failed to keep a journal about 6 times in my life.

76. My current job title is Collection Development and Management Librarian.

77. My job is like herding cats. Herding cats is a dumb phrase.

78. My job is like solving weird people problems.

79. I would rather spend my time buying books, lots and lots of books.

80. I think electronic books will one day be the norm, but there will still be many genres and markets for which printed books will be common.

81. I bought for my library a Sony Reader (ebook device). I want to get one for myself, but will probably wait a while for the inevitable improvements.

82. When I was young, I was quite moved by reading the works of Ernest Hemingway. He has fallen out of favor, but I still think he was one of great innovators in literary history.

83. The Sun Also Rises continues to be one of my favorite books.

84. I didn’t read The Great Gatsby until 2007. I read it on a Sony Reader.

85. I was born in 1960.

86. Is there a character in literature more annoying than Jane Austen’s Emma? Well, maybe Bridget Jones.

87. I think there is always a diplomatic alternative to war.

88. In 2001 I stood on a corner in Knoxville, Tennessee, holding anti-war posters as people drove by and flipped my off and called me a pussy.

89. I’m very interested in the history of library desegregation in the United States and have written one article about the integration of the Louisiana Library Association. I want to do more research in that area.

90. I enjoy teaching people about using libraries. I think I do a pretty good job of it too.

91. I really like loud, complex, and energetic music: free jazz, prog rock, post-grunge, early 20th century classical music. But sometimes a little folk is good too.

92. I could listen to Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring over and over again.

93. I love watching dance performance: modern dance and ballet. I hate that I don’t get much chance to these days.

94. George Balanchine can really move me, so can Twyla Tharp, but there are a lot of other choreographers I love too.

95. I have BA and MA degrees in English.

96. I once wrote a cyber-punk short story that included sex, voyeurism, and murder. The workshop instructor criticized me for calling a tire iron a crowbar.

97. Hey, I like crème brulee too! Once, while attending the ALA conference in Philadelphia, I ate crème brulee at a single restaurant three times in one day. It was some goooooo crème brulee.

98. Sometimes I would just die for a corndog with yellow mustard. Other times I’d rather have chicken gyros or a good souvlaki.

99. There are TV shows I was once obsessed with, but now I can’t remember them.

100. If I could write like any poet, I would make it Walt Whitman…or Robinson Jeffers.

101. I own a Samsung Q1B tablet PC—a so called UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC)—but my laptop computer sucks.

102.I see no reason to limit this list to 100 or 101 items.

103.It is hard for me to think of anything that tastes better then a Roma tomato picked ripe from your own garden: maybe this–a slice of Roma tomato picked ripe from your own garden along with a slice of goat cheese (can you slice goat cheeses?) and a leaf of basil, also picked from your own garden, all on top of a slice of good crusty baguette, and the whole lot drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil.

104.I don’t have my own garden.

105.One of my fondest memories of Louisiana was forming a book club with friends and co-workers at which we would discuss literature for about an hour and then stuff ourselves with delicious food and drink like fish into the wee hours of the morn.


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