Posted by: Steven Harris | July 5, 2006

UALC legislative proposal

Thinking about what kinds of resources to suggest for inclusion in a legislative proposal from the Utah Academic Library Consortium. What will be likely to excite the legislature into giving us $$$$!

Suggestions from various members of UALC:

These are the resources that got the higher marks from the UALC CD Committee:


  • Webfeat Express, A rough estimate of the cost for about 50 databases at 20 libraries would be about $180,000. We think Webfeat would be a great purchase. It is a different approach in that it is a search tool that would assist people in using the databases we already have, rather than just adding more content. As such it might be of interest to the Legislature.
  • Safari Tech Books Online, these are extremely popular and make more sense instead of buying print copies that either get lost or out of date really fast. We could have a subscription of about 250 titles with 20 simultaneous users for about $72,000 (this is an estimate only).
  • CINAHL with Full Text, we would need around $25,000 to upgrade our current subscription to the Full Text version.
  • Sage Criminal Justice eJournal Collection, that would be a good complement to our Criminal Justice Abstracts subscription, last year quote was around $50,350 so probably by now is going to be around $60,000
  • eBooks, we haven’t be able to increase our collection with NetLibrary due to the new pricing model implemented by OCLC last January by which a consortium needs to buy a minimum number of ebooks copies. Ebrary now offer the option to purchase perpetual access to ebrary content we should explore that. Maybe a pot of money of around $75,000
  • Finally we thought a shared media collection would be good.

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