Posted by: Steven Harris | July 7, 2006

UALC Distributed Print Repository

Forwarding message from Chris Sugnet (UNLV) regarding the UALC DPR and what to do with titles that UNLV had orginally volunteered to host, but they only had in microform. The consortium wants it to be a PRINT repository. What are the next steps??


Hi Steve,

We have finished our review of microform holdings in our overall JSTOR holdings for the UALC distributed last print archival project. The attached database includes just those titles that UNLV had accepted responsibility for before the agreement to remove microform holdings from consideration was implemented. The Excel sheet has the original data for each title in question and a new column “BEST HOLDINGS” which indicates the UALC library that now has the best print holdings (now that UNLV’s holdings run only covers actual print and not microform).

I think that the principle still applies that the institution with the best holdings will automatically accept responsibility. There are quite a few titles, however, where there are 2 institutions sharing the same best holdings. So we need a mechanism to decide which institution takes the official archival responsibility.

Here’s the database, perhaps you could forward to the CD group with my description and we can see if there are questions or comments?

(See attached file: UALC Jstor holdings 7 06.xls)

Regards, Chris

Christopher Sugnet
Director, Collection Management
UNLV Libraries


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