Posted by: Steven Harris | July 13, 2006


My editorial statement to the staff bloggers.


Dear Bloggers,

Just a few words about [my] editorial policy for the library staff blog:

1. Please assign a category to all your posts.

Using categories makes the blog more easily searchable. The categories are in a dropdown box in the upper right of the “New Entry” form. You can click on the + next to categories and see the whole list. You can then assign a post to more than one category by pressing CTRL and CLICK on as many categories as you want. I don’t want to define every category, but a few words of advice: If you’re informing the library about some important event or publication in libraryland, use “Professional News.” If you’re telling us about a staff activity, use “Happening@Library” or “Training” or both as appropriate. If you can’t decide, use “News & Events.” We also have a “Just for Fun” category for those goofy, funny, whimsical messages.

2. Use the “Extended Body” area for very long messages.

I would suggest that if the total message is less the 15 lines, it’s ok to put it all in the main message area. If it’s more than 15, put a good teaser in the main area, and the rest in the extended body. Don’t put 14 lines in the main area and two lines in the extended body. In these cases the main area would be the shorter and the extended body the longer part of the message.

3. Remember to check the kind of reader interaction you want to apply to each message.

You can disallow comments to your message, if you want. And you can require that any patron interaction require moderation by you. You will be notified whenever someone attempts to respond to one of your messages.

4. You can go back and edit your own messages, but not those of others.

You have to log into the administration module. When you are logged in and browsing the blog, any message you wrote will have an “edit” link under the message.

5. There are permanent URLs you can use to link to yours or any messages in the blog.

If you click on the title of any message, you will be taken to the permanent site of that message. Just copy and paste the URL from the address bar of the browser.

Happy blogging.


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