Posted by: Steven Harris | July 13, 2006

Collection Goals

Sent a message to subject librarians about goals for the year:


[snip: info about our next meeting]

Another thing I’d like you to do is think about what your collection GOALS will be for this year.  Yum Yum.  Your goals could be something as simple as:

Buy the best books that I can for chemical engineering.


Solicit more book requests from faculty in anthropology.


Focus more on Portuguese literature this year.

Or something more extravagant like:

Analyze interlibrary loan requests in accounting

to determine areas of research interest.


Use WorldCat Collection Analysis to compare our

religious studies collection with those of our peers.

The SKY is the limit!  Think about what you really want to accomplish this year.  Try to work toward something greater than simply spending your money by the end of the fiscal year.  You can have a goal for each subject that you serve, if you want.  Write your goal(s) down and send them to me by the end of August.  And be thinking about a plan for how you will accomplish your goals.  We’ll talk more about that later.


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