Posted by: Steven Harris | July 14, 2006


Worked (with John E., Linda W., and Flora) more on strategic planning, drafting descriptions of values.  We got a lot down, but kind of crapped out at the end:


Universal Access


We view collections broadly and strive to provide the greatest possible access to informational resources.  We remove barriers and provide equal access to information regardless of format or location.


Intellectual Freedom


We value the expression and exploration of ideas and seek to represent diversity within our collections.  We respect the individual’s right to privacy and their freedom to obtain and use information from all points of view without restriction.


Lifelong Learning


The Library plays a vital role in formal and informal learning.  We empower individuals to pursue intellectual development and to engage in scholarship throughout their lives.




Helping people is our highest goal.  Through a user-centered approach, we anticipate and respond to the needs of our varied communities by providing quality information services.  We treat all our users with respect. 




Collaboration enhances productivity and facilitates problem solving.  For library staff and users, we encourage a cooperative environment characterized by respect, integrity, and open communication.







The Library is an environment where creativity thrives.  We support/encourage critical thinking . . . enable . . . in the pursuit of knowledge


We value resourcefulness and innovating thinking in (the operation of the library/practice).


New ideas borne from






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