Posted by: Steven Harris | May 13, 2007

Techno Addiction

Did I mention that my boss said I had a techno addiction? Might be true. I like gadgets and tinkering with internet tools and whatnot, but I’m no programmer or gamer. Just like playing with stuff.

For example, I was just reading Jeffrey Young’s article “Book 2.0,” in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I should mention that I was reading on my previously mentioned Samsung Q1. I was finding the page layout of the Chronicle not working well with the Q1. The column width was strange. Had to scroll back and forth to view it all. So I copied the text into Open Office and then saved the file as a PDF document. I was even so compulsive as to format the particulars of the file:

page size: 5.5 x 8.5

font: Georgia, 12 point

margins: 3.5 all around

This makes it all read  better on the Q1 as a PDF. I also like to set Acrobat as “Full Screen” and “Fit To Width.” Finally, I  rotate the screen of the Q1 so I’m reading in portrait mode instead of landscape. It really only took a couple of minutes. No big deal! But it makes me fuel like I’m reading a book. Saves me from scrolling back and forth on the webpage too.

Guess I am a techno addict!



  1. I’m a techno addict too. That’s why I became a librarian…I don’t want to code or create the tools, I just wanna use ’em and show others how to use ’em. 🙂

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