Posted by: Steven Harris | June 2, 2007

Ebook Readers: Sony and Samsung

Today, I’m going all “Hugo Ortega” on you with a video blog entry. In today’s post I’m talking about ebooks and comparing the Sony Reader and Samsung Q1 as ebook reading platforms. The Sony Reader is a dedicated ebook device. The Samsung Q1 is an ultra-mobile PC running Window XP.

On the plus side:

  • Samsung: flexible, powerful, wireless connectivity, supports more platforms and formats, it’s a computer.
  • Sony: lightweight and portable, battery life, screen is easy on the eyes, easy to use.

On the minus side:

  • Samsung: weight, short battery life, backlighting is eye fatiguing.
  • Sony: monochrome screen, proprietary format, poor selection from Sony store, single-use device.

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[This vlogging is harder than it looks! I misspoke once or twice and said “Sony Reader” when I meant “Microsoft Reader.” It also really brings out the “I hate my voice” sentiment. I do have a weird voice, but I don’t think I really have a lisp. The audio makes it sound like I do. Oh well. Time to upgrade the video equipment!]



  1. Dude–lose the music on the video–we can’t hear you!

  2. Uh…what music?

  3. Hi Steven,

    I just noticed your reference to the Planet PDF free ebooks and wanted to say thanks for the mention! I was the person who put all those books together several years ago.

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve launched another site for students and schools that has a similar idea but for the new site I’ve improved the quality of the ebooks and have removed all licensing so anyone can download and share the classic books however they like.

    I’d love to get feedback on how my ebooks look on the devices you’ve been looking at too.

    Planet eBook – Free classic literature


  4. Although your post has been up for 9 months, I still wanted to comment. I purchased a Q1 just for ebook reading… having graduated from the ebookwise reader. With the extended battery I get about 5 hours of reading time, but am usually close to a plug in.
    I like the I have a 30 GB HD, and my entire collection is in my hands. I also like that it is so versatile… able to read all of the popular DRM formatted books. And since I read a lot while my wife is asleep, the display is perfect. I’ve read over 100 novels on the device and while I occasionally think I’d like the new Kindle, Cybook, or Sony Reader… the fact that I can purchase books in a variety of formats and yet read them on this one device makes this still the best choice for me.

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