Posted by: Steven Harris | November 5, 2007

Second Life is Miscellaneous

I will be leading a book discussion in Second Life. It will interesting to see how a book discussion operates in Second Life. Will probably be VERY miscellaneous. LOL!

What: Library BUZZ – Book Discussion
When: November 8, 6:00 p.m. SLT
Where: Cybrary City, Open Air Auditorium (131, 152, 24)
Book: David Weinberger, Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder. New York: Times Books, 2007. ISBN: 9780805080438
Discussion Leader: Stolvano Barbosa

“In the past, everything had its one place–the physical world demanded it–but now everything has its places: multiple categories, multiple shelves.”
Amazon review of Everything Is Miscellaneous

Is the solution to an overabundance of information more information? Will tagging take the place controlled vocabularies like the Library of Congress Subject Headings to describe digital information? Is messiness a virtue? These are some of the questions raised in David Weinberger’s latest book, Everything Is Miscellaneous. Read the book and join others to discuss these issues and more on Thursday, November 8 at 6:00 p.m. SLT.


Everything Is Miscellaneous website:

David Weinberger Google Tech Talks:

David Weinberger at Library of Congress:

Google Books entry:

Open WorldCat entry:

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