Posted by: Steven Harris | August 18, 2008

House Hunting

My wife and I are visiting Albuquerque tomorrow to hunt for houses for a few days.  We’re going to rent initially just because we don’t have a lot of cash available for a downpayment on a house.  Maybe after we sell our house in Utah.  The tricky part about renting is that we have 2 dogs.  Gonna be a chore to find somebody that will rent to us.

We are looking at Northeast and Northwest neighborhoods to live in.  When we talk to people in Utah about moving to New Mexico, they alll go freaky about the “crime rate” down there.  Ha Ha.  We’ve lived in Louisiana.  You can’t scare us with crime rate!  Anyway, we have about 13 or 14 houses to look at.  We ought to get something livable out of that.  Wish us luck.


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