Posted by: Steven Harris | August 20, 2008

House Hunting 1.1

First day of house hunting under our belts. We’re going through a property management agency. Their offices are on 3rd Street.  We spent a few minutes going up and down on 4th and 2nd, trying to get to the right spot on 3rd.  Didn’t remember the various one-way-ness on downtown streets!  We are such small towners!

We looked at 5 houses and peeked in the windows of 2 others.  The agent would only let us have 5 sets of keys at a time.  4 of the houses were the northeast, one very far north, near Alameda and Louisiana, just off I-25. Three others were in an arc to the east from there, if you made UNM the center of your compass point. So, that first one is one of the frontrunners, as is the 4th, which is near Comanche and Juan Tabo…WAY east.

The other houses were a combination of small (non-existent) yards, crappy interiors, lots of west-facing windows and no central air, and weird neighborhoods.

We’re going to look at a lot of stuff in the [near] northwest today.  A couple that we drove by look promising.  I really like one near Taylor Ranch Parkway.  Good place for our 2 dogs to play.  I think we’re going to learn a lot about where we want to BUY a house one day!  Well, back at it!


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