Posted by: Steven Harris | October 1, 2008

Latte Thief

Satellite Coffee

The other day, I’m at the Satellite Coffee near UNM campus, and I take somebody else’s latte! The server announced a “mucho latte” and all the people waiting stood around look at one another. So, I’m thinking, “ok, that was quick, but I guess that’s my mucho latte.” Even though I ordered a skim mucho latte. Hey, I’m no fat-free fetishist! Then after I sit down, I hear a “skim mucho latte” announced and another guy who is there waiting (I think he was in the bathroom for the first announcement) says, “no, I ordered a regular mucho latte.” Oh Oh! I was going to swap with him. I hadn’t drunk any or added any stuff. But the server snatched away the skim latte and quickly (and grumpily) made him a regular mucho latte. My bad. 😦 Oh well. His own fault for not paying attention to the orders up. There, I feel much better. Or mucho better, I should say.


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