Posted by: Steven Harris | October 6, 2008

Old School

Tobias Wolff is something of an “old school” writer. I Just finished reading his novel Old School. It’s narrative is quite straight-forward, not experimental or avant-garde. But it is so seemingly effortless, so seamless, that it’s a great pleasure to read. Each word, each sentence and paragraph seem to flow with a natural rhythm. There are no stops or lurches. It just carries you along, not in “page-turner” fashion like a thriller, but more familiar, like listening to someone you know who is a really good storyteller. Writing, of course, plays a very important part of the story, which is about a young man in prep school aspiring to be an author. Ironically, some of the plot turns on his inability to succeed at writing, his failures. In contrast to Wolff’s great success.


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