Posted by: Steven Harris | October 16, 2008

T and A

Last night we were driving on Jefferson and looking for something to eat. We didn’t really feel like wandering the city to find something, but we’ve already eaten at most of the places along Jefferson and in the @25 area. So we said, “what the hell, we’ll try this Twin Peaks place.” Yikes!

I guess we should have known based on the sexy cowgirl exterior decorations. The place is one of those softcore T and A joints with a rustic, log cabin kind of theme: sort of Hooters meets Monty Python. I’m a lumberjack! Wonder Bras under flannel.

The food wasn’t especially remarkable. Neither was the service. Thankfully, our waitress didn’t try to do the “perky” thing. Or the cleavage in your face thing. I wonder what the point of this kind of uniform is? Do people really go to a restaurant to see a little skin? Surely there are places where they can see A LOT MORE skin. Wonder(bra)s never cease.


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