Posted by: Steven Harris | November 15, 2008

Propositioning the Mormons

OK, the gloves are off!  I just read a NY Times article about the role Mormons played in getting Prop 8 passed in California. Frankly, I’m appalled by Prop 8.  I’d say I’m about where Keith Olbermann is on this issue. Some people are in love and you want to deny them the expression of that love?  How in any way does the existance of even a single gay marriage affect your own relationship?  How in any way does the existance of even a single gay marriage affect your admission to heaven?  How in any way is it acceptable for religious principles to become state law?

So here is the thing, as far as the Mormon church is concerned, I am a member of their misguided, bigoted, hypocritical little faith. Baptism at 8 years of age to appease the grandparents got me into that mess. Truth is, I’m an atheist. I understand the comfort many people feel through religious faith. I reject it altogether as a way of understanding the world and interacting with other human beings. I am especially disgusted by the Mormons proselytizing about the sanctity of marriage and against gay marriage, given their history on that point.  Many of my high school friends took part in this campaign. You are misguided IDIOTS!  I completely reject the Mormon position on this. I wish they would just skip to the f*%king chase and excommunicate me.  I couldn’t believe in their doctrine and principles any LESS.



  1. Here’s the story of someone who resigned (or is planning on resigning) her membership in the Mormon church because of their support of Prop 8.

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