Life in Reno

Steven Harris

On Reno: I’ve moved again! Now, I’m in Reno. This blog has been moribund for a while. I’m thinking of using as writing practice, as I have always done, but in this case to focus on nature writing.


Old about statement:

Duke City Diary: This used to be my work diary. But I’m moving to Albuquerque the first week or so of September 2008.  So, this has become my diary of what I learn about my new town.

Steven Harris

Librarian at the University of New Mexico

See my other blog for professional information.

Older about statement:

This site is a work diary for Steven Harris, collections librarian at Utah State University.  I started this blog as a record of my daily work, but it turns out I’m terrible about keeping a diary.  So, this has become a place to make infrequent and irregular remarks about things that interest me generally.


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